Social selling: connected is the new way to sell

Just a decade ago, who would have imagined that social networks would open a wide market spectrum for buyers of different tastes, styles and preferences; that can be connected from different time zones, and at the same time to purchase a product or service that meets your needs.

It seems that defining the place where there is a greater flow of people to open a point of sale is no longer a determining factor when establishing a business; especially when we review the behavior of new consumers, we can easily see that customers spend a lot of time exposed to social networks.

Let’s look at some data: a study by Forrester Research indicates that the Millennial generation is very aware of social networks and mobile technology, and that they spend at least 25 hours a week using them. Cambridge University Press conducted an investigation in Spain, in which it was evidenced that this same generation uses networks such as WhatsApp with 95% preference, followed by Facebook with 65% and YouTube 44%.

These mentioned data show that there is a revolution in people’s consumer behavior, which is oriented towards digital consumption.

Precisely “social selling” is the process of using social networks, either to find or interact with potential customers, which then allows us to make a sale. To achieve effective “social selling”, is necessary a strategy in which we know well our “buyer persona” and achieve empathy with the client.

Social selling allows you to get potential customers, through tactics such as: contests and promotions in which it is possible to obtain registration of the participants; in addition, the development of valuable content such as webinars, where you can interact with people and get to know each other more.

It is very important to remember that the principle of social networks is precisely to build relationships, therefore, to maintain a good relationship with the potential client, the interaction in our network must be natural and not be perceived as a robotic response.

Of course, listening to users is the most effective way to obtain effective information to promote “social selling”, by obtaining the perception of our consumers we can have greater clarity of their needs and their tastes in order to offer them the product or services that they are waiting for.