Cooperation as a standard in times of uncertainty

We live in extraordinary times, neither governments, nor health systems, companies, or individuals were prepared for this situation, the time of COVID 19. We have had to rethink the certainties that accompanied our lives and learn to live more closely with uncertainty.

At the Agencia Interamericana de Comunicación, during our 27 years of experience, we have learned to live with the crisis. As specialists in strategic communication, we have advised clients from multiple industries in the management of reputational crisis of all kinds. And also, as a small 100% Costa Rican company, we have had to navigate the challenging waters of our local and regional economy.

We always tell our clients that, in times of crisis, it is relevant to have allies, that defense is always better when there are credible third parties that support us, that is why, in this unparalleled reality, once again we have verified the advantage of become part of Worldcom, the largest network of independent public relations firms in the world.

Being part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group has allowed us, since 2014, to have access to good global practices in Communication and Public Relations, which are nurtured by the experience of 132 offices of 85 international partners on 6 continents.

Today, when the construction of relationships between brands, organizations and their stakeholders are going through times of redefinition, being in permanent dialogue with Worldcom allies around the world allows us to have a pulse in real time to understand the implications of the situation in our business, strengthen our decisions and apply this knowledge in solutions and services that, as is our ideal, exceed the expectations of our clients.

The cooperation with Worldcom, especially the one that has developed between the Latin American members of Worldcom LATAM, has allowed us access to knowledge, good administrative and business practices, as well as a permanent exchange of talent and opportunities.

Traditionally, when we manage a crisis of opinion, we repeat, like a mantra, that in this type of situation there are also opportunities for companies to come out stronger. We are witness to examples of collaborations, innovative initiatives, reinventions and an attitude of resilience that shows us that, in times of uncertainty, spaces for collaboration and the healthy exercise of valuing the experience of others and decisively collaborating on positive change, mark the difference to overcome the challenges we face.