Am I already sharing my screen?

Perhaps you have heard this question when attending a virtual meeting, this reflects how the 2020 pandemic reinvented all kind of industries, including those of mass events. These companies had the big challenge of transferring their physical operation into a virtual one and try to identify the way to captivate their participants through the screen of a computer, cell phone or tablet.

According to the newspaper El Economista de México, what at first seemed like a temporary measure due to the distancing restrictions, now it seems that it came here to stay, since, among its many advantages, it stands out a lower cost for the organizer by saving hiring space, sound and video equipment, food; and also, because it offers the possibility of having larger audiences and reach international attendants that would be difficult to involve in person.

Therefore, here we give you two advices to achieve a successful virtual event:

  • Right election of the platform: there are several options which functionalities adjust depending on the objective of the event. Some allow greater control and limit the participant to only listening, others allow the creation of avatars, there are some that offer better interactivity; it all depends on how much freedom you want to give the participant during the event. Some of the most common are: Zoom, BigMarker, GotoWebinar, ClickMeeting and StreamYard; these platforms offer different packages according to the number of attendees and desired functions.
  • Create memorable experiences: since there is no option to be present, which offers many advantages, the attendants might feel is just a regular presentation; that’s why the event must create a memorable and unique experience. Every detail count, since the registration form provided in a creative way, several payment options (if required), and sending of expectation material prior to the event.

During the seminar, conference or congress, there are multiple challenges like assisting every person that has trouble connecting, being in charge of solving the needs and comments in the chat, having high quality audiovisual productions for waiting and resting spaces and any other element that converts the experience into a great memory for the attendant.

At Agencia Interamericana de Comunicación we have developed a virtual event unit that already has several successful experiences that we would love to tell you about. We will be glad to support you to achieve your objectives.