2022: Five trends that will mark your corporate reputation

After two years living around the pandemic, people, institutions and companies have changed radically. Covid-19 has moved us out of our safety zones and has made us confront our capacity for resilience and transformation.

2022 begins with the promise of getting closer to more stable and hopeful indicators, although global circumstances such as the new variants of the pandemic and the container crisis, among others, attenuate our positivism.

We want to review five trends that may affect the strengthening of your corporate reputation in the coming months.

Attention to your supply chain
The announced container crisis will have effects, more or less direct, on the logistics and fulfillment of promises of various companies according to their niche of operation. In this sense, it is very important that you review your vulnerabilities, assess the scope of their impact and prepare yourself in advance, in order to minimize the effect that this operational risk may have on the perceptions of your stakeholders and therefore, on your reputation.

Dynamic role in reactivation
Countries, citizens and institutions urgently require organizations and companies that join the great challenge of reactivating the economies of nations. In this sense, corporate actions that make it possible to retain or increase jobs will be perceived very favorably and, of course, the implementation of public-private initiatives to decisively influence this country project will become a relevant differentiating attribute. 

Towards more ethical and sustainable value chains
The operation of companies involves increasingly greater relationships with third parties and it is almost impossible that within their value chain they do not find suppliers with questionable practices in the environmental, labor or governance areas and that represents a serious reputational risk. On the other hand, the sensitivity and demands of the interested parties in these areas are increasingly high. This 2022 it is worth reviewing and strengthening its policies and guidelines, to socialize, first, and then review, with its value chain, compliance with standards in accordance with the expectations of its public and its corporate management.

More genuine, credible and transparent leadership
The pandemic subjected leaders to unprecedented challenges, with scenarios of general uncertainty, collaborators working from home with a corporate culture put to the test and only one screen to transmit a message that generates trust. This taught us the importance of having leaders who, more than good spokespersons, are genuine, transparent and absolutely reliable champions. These features will continue to set the standard in 2022.

Reading the context to anticipate risks and detecting opportunities
The early and acute reading of the political scenarios that our economies will experience, as well as the circumstances that the pandemic has accelerated, such as expectations around working conditions, digital commerce, and the balance and well-being of people should be a benchmark to dust off or activate your crisis prevention plans, update your vulnerabilities and orchestrate exercises with your staff to be properly prepared.

At the Agencia Interamericana de Comunicación, we are passionate about accompanying companies in the systematic exercise of shielding their reputation. We add these trends to our advisory work to develop comprehensive plans and better empowered leaders to face these challenges.